Advance Intercom & PABX System in Dubaii

AME Technologies is a premier security systems company, specializing in providing modern-day solutions to individuals and organizations who are in need of superior safety measures. We offer a wide range of security products and services to residential and commercial clients.

Our company is known for providing top-rated security equipment including monitoring cameras, mobile surveillance and PABX system in Dubai. We also deliver tailor-made systems to address distinct safety requirements of clients from all industries. Our comprehensive line of CCTV and telephony equipment, combined with efficient service, makes us the ideal partner in maintaining safety measures in your business place.

Whether you are looking for a high performance intercom system in Dubai or a complex telecom system for your business, AME Technologies is the one to call.

Enhanced Communication Solutions with Modern Intercom in Dubai

Here at AME Technologies, we know the importance of safety and communication in a business place or residential premises and the assurance and convenience it provides to the people working and residing inside these spaces. Given its significance, we ensure to supply the latest products to match your needs and preferences.

As an industry leader in qualified security solutions, we deliver the most sophisticated and specialized models and brands of Dubai intercom system units. Our suite of telephony systems can help you and your team maximize communication channels internally and take advantage of the latest telecommunications technologies to help streamline communications within your business or organisation.

A Trusted Team of Security Specialists At Your Service

The goal of our company is not only to provide the latest security equipment, but also to deliver lasting solutions to address issues concerning building surveillance. This goal is made possible by the support of a team of experienced security specialists that are trained, licensed, and qualified in the field of security systems. Backed by expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service, our experts will help you choose the right solution.

Explore our extensive line of security brands and products today. Give us a call at +971 4 3922350 or email your inquiries at